4 Easy Seafood Recipes you can make at Home

For those days when you are craving delicious seafood meals and have no time to make an elaborate dish, this list is perfect. All recipes are easy and quick, in addition to perfectly doable at home. Give your cooking skills a boost with these quick and easy seafood recipes.

Grilled Teriyaki Tuna


Take a Ziploc bag and put some oil, pepper, garlic, and teriyaki sauce in it to mix well. Afterward, take as many tuna fillets as you wish to serve and put them in the bag before sealing it.

Shake to mix it all and cover the filets entirely and put it in the fridge for 30 mins. Next, all you have to do is place the tuna on a grill, cook it on both sides and serve.

Linguine Pasta with Shrimp and Tomatoes


Cook the pasta the way you normally would. Meanwhile, sauté garlic in a saucepan with olive oil at medium heat. Then add tomatoes and some wine and stir constantly for 30 minutes, as it simmers.

As soon as it has a sauce appearance, add some salt, butter, and pepper, without quitting the stirring.

For the shrimp, you need a skillet with some olive oil and high heat. Throw clean shrimp in there and stir until they are all pink, before putting them in the saucepan to mix it all together. Then just serve over your linguine pasta with some parmesan cheese.

Mediterranean Fish


Start out by preheating the oven to 350°F, then take some halibut fillets and place them on a sheet of aluminum foil. Proceed to put some Greek seasoning on them. Set aside and mix onions, olives, capers, tomato, lemon juice, salt, pepper and olive oil, which you will pour over the fillets.

Seal in your seasoned halibut taking special care nothing spills and put it in the oven on a baking sheet. The cooking should take no more than 40 minutes, and your delicious Mediterranean fish dish is ready to serve.

Peruvian Ceviche


Cook some shrimp until they turn pink and put them in a bowl to cover them in lime and orange juice. Finely chop tomatoes, onions, and coriander to add to the bowl and mix in well. After letting the ceviche sit for about an hour in your refrigerator, it will be ready to serve.

With these recipes, whether in the mood for shrimp or fish, anybody’s ability to make delicious and easy meals will be enhanced. Sea Change Seafoods also understands the need for speed, so all these dishes take no more than an hour to be served.